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Project X Dhol thrive on providing the best in live entertainment. we understand that your special day is importatnt you, and we are proud to be able to tailor our services to suit all your requirements.


As that very special moment of your day draws closer, why not enter your venue in style? After all this is a moment that should be joyous, and remembered for some time to come!

Project X dhol offer many unique options to make this part of your day that extra special!!

From our two dhol player package or ten, or LIVE Saxophone, Bagpipes to Band Baja you have various options which we can discuss to make your moment one of a kind!



We know that nothing gets better than our dhol players alongside your DJ or other live entertainment for the evening.


We have been considered one of the most high energetic performing Dhol groups in the UK.

Project x Dhol has created the most innovative and unique live stage performances to interact and impress your event guests.

Book Project x Dhol for your reception, and you will not be disappointed with one of our powerful stage performances.


Project x Dhol  have many years of experience recording on an international platform and are known for the abilities within percussion. 

Individually many of our dhol players have performed and recorded for various artists from all different genres, not just Bhangra!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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